Farm Fetched Benefits

KCC Naturals Farm Fetched® meat products are freeze-dried, processed, packaged and distributed to market from our on-site farm manufacturing plant located in Maryland. Because freeze drying does not cook the product, it simply extracts moisture; it is still considered a raw meat protein filled with all the natural flavors and nutrients pets crave. No need for weekly food prep, our freeze-dried treats have a long shelf life without the mess and storage issues. They never require refrigeration and are conveniently packaged making them a great treat-on-the-go! 

Food safety is top priority at KCC Naturals. We strive to be the best and our approach is proactive.  Owning and operating our on-site processing plant allows full control over safety.  This includes employee training, equipment sanitizing procedures, food quality assurance and lab testing. All processing is done on-site at KCC Natural Farms. Our farm is fully inspected by the FDA and the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA).

All products are quarantined and independently lab safety tested by MICROBAC Laboratories for E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Staphylococcus aureus.  Only lab verified safe product batches are released for packaging.  Packaged test verified safe products are distributed directly to market from our Maryland facility. This ensures the quality of our products is never compromised by outside sources.