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Freeze Dried Process

Freeze drying is a unique process that keeps all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that were original to the product prior to freeze drying.   Because freeze drying does not cook the product, it simply extracts moisture; it is still considered a raw meat diet product and filled with all the natural flavors and nutrients pets crave without the mess and storage issues.  Freeze dried products have a long shelf life and never require refrigeration. KCC Naturals freeze dried products are conveniently packaged in ridged containers providing protection from crumbly messes and making them a great TREAT-ON-THE-GO for short or long travel.

All of KCC Naturals Farm Fetched® protein products are grown, sourced and manufactured in the USA.  All of our products are freeze dried and processed from our on-site farm manufacturing plant located in Maryland. Only lab tested verified safe meat products are packaged and distributed directly from KCC's  farm production facility and distributed to market.  This ensures the quality of our treats is never compromised by outside sources.


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